Announcing the AGBU Summer Study in Armenia Program


AGBU is pleased to announce the new AGBU Summer Study in Armenia Program that will launch its first season this summer 2008.
In collaboration with the American University of Armenia (AUA), AGBU Summer Study is a unique four-week program that allows students to take up to two 4-credit courses at top universities in Armenia—credits are transferable to U.S. and other academic institutions.
Participants will also participate in a cultural enrichment program that will expose them to the wonders of Armenia and its people.
These courses, conducted in the English language, are designed to offer students an in-depth knowledge of topics in a variety of academic disciplines placed in a regional context to help participants gain a new perspective on Armenia.
Choose from courses in human rights, regime development, Armenian art, healthcare in transforming economies, web applications and more, all taught by distinguished AUA faculty.
This program is designed for students of Armenian descent eager to meet fellow Armenians from around the world and enrich their lives with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
For more information, email, or call us at +1.212.319.6383.
To download an application form, visit or click here.

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