Over 100 Armenian Professionals Gather to Launch AGBU YP Paris

YP_Paris_Launch_01 More than 100 young Armenian professionals gathered on March 5, 2008 in Paris, France to celebrate the revitalization of the local Young Professionals (YP) group at a cocktail event held at an exclusive lounge-bar on the Champs Elysées.
“We wish to give professional Armenian youth the means to develop their professional opportunities in a friendly atmosphere, along with an opportunity to take a role in safe-guarding their cultural heritage,” said Aurelie Deyirmendjian, AGBU YP Paris Chairwoman. “This first occasion will no doubt mark the beginning of a series of events. We are aiming for quality above all else.”
Notable speakers who attended were Paul Minelle, founder of the company Cibles et Reseaux (Targets and Networks), and Sandra Schwarzer, Director of INSEAD Career Services, who shared their expertise as well as their professional and personal experiences regarding networking. YPs who attended the event connected with other participants, creating a veritable synergy between professionals from various fields, including finance, IT, marketing and media.
“It is very rewarding to see the strong response from the young professionals who answered our call tonight. YP Paris is about being a catalyzer of talents,” said Taline Mouradian, YP Paris committee member.
AGBU YP Paris is part of a growing network of YP Groups and supporters around the world who are committed to preserving and promoting the Armenian identity and heritage through educational, cultural, and humanitarian programs. For more information on YP Paris, email yp.paris@agbueurope.org or visit http://ypparis.ugab.fr/.
For more information about the AGBU YP Network, please visit agbu.org/yp.

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