East Coast Young Professionals Kick Off Summer at 3rd Annual YPGNY Camp Nubar Retreat

Camp_Nubar_2008_Retreat_01 (Small) Fifty young professionals from the greater New York area, Boston,
Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and, for the first time, from as far
afield as Los Angeles, ventured to upstate New York the weekend of June
20-22 to attend the third annual Young Professionals (YP) Retreat at
Camp Nubar. Hosted by the AGBU Young Professionals of Greater New York
(YPGNY), the retreat took place in the state’s scenic Catskill Mountains
and offered an opportunity for participants to relax and network amongst
newfound peers.
After the group settled into their semi-private cabins and unpacked
their bags, everyone gathered on the basketball courts for a pizza party
and a mini “Color War,” a traditional Camp Nubar game that combines
performing arts and sports.
“The first night’s activity always brings everyone together and sets the
tone for the weekend. Whether you were a Camp alum or not, everyone had
a fabulous time and laughter continued throughout the night,” said
Alexis Halejian, retreat Co-Chair.
The next day, YP campers took advantage of the great outdoors with a
vast menu of activities. The morning began with a professionally taught
yoga class on the edge of the spring-fed Lake Arax. Then, throughout the
day, participants were able to enjoy a variety of water activities,
including rowing, canoeing and swimming, under the watchful eye of a
certified lifeguard. Other activities included tennis tournaments,
basketball and a backgammon mini-tournament, which continued well into
the afternoon.
Saturday evening began with a wine-tasting activity organized by Vadim
Krisyan, who, informed by his wine expertise, offered a crash course in
wine-food pairings and explored everything from gourmet cheeses and
olives to hummus and lahmajoon (Armenian pizza). The evening ended with
a bonfire sing-along.
In the end, the YP Retreat proved to be an unique bonding experience for
all. “Camp Nubar has been a home away from home to me since my first
summer as a camper in 1986. Now, as a member of YPGNY, it brings me
great joy to organize these weekend trips so that others can share the
experiences unique to Camp Nubar,” stated Harout Gebian, alumnus of Camp
Nubar and a member of YPGNY.
Event co-chairman and Camp Nubar alumnus, James Ishkanian, agreed. “The
retreat weekend exemplified the true character and spirit of Camp
Nubar–a great place for Armenians to come together, relax and enjoy the
YPGNY intends to donate any funds raised during the weekend to Camp
Nubar as a symbol of their appreciation for a facility that has offered
a summer haven for youth of Armenian descent since 1963.

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