Summer Fashion Show in Montreal Raises $10,000 for Nor Jraberd Repopulation Project

Montreal_Fashion_02 (Small) On June 8, 2008, the pan-Canadian AGBU committee for the Nor Jraberd
Repopulation Project (NJRP) hosted a fashion show fundraiser in Montreal
for over 200 guests.
Nor Jraberd, a village in Karabakh, is in need of reconstruction and
economic rebirth even twelve years after the devastating war that
ravaged the region. Mego Malkhassian has taken the lead in forming a
qualified team of AGBU volunteers from across Canada to raise funds for
this special village project.
Called “Then and Now,” the June 8 program for the NJRP kicked off with
entertainment from Bulgarian, Hungarian and Armenian dance groups. A
fashion show followed, featuring styles by various Montreal wholesalers
and stores, including Donna Bella, Urban Rags, Miss Mak, the Accessory
Store and Aquaskye. Other individuals and companies also provided
complimentary services to ensure the success of the evening, including
hair stylist Anny Kamajian, makeup artist Mary-Ann Keverian and Hera
Bell Photo Studio.
Photos of the devastated southeast region of Karabakh, where Nor Jraberd
is located, were displayed at the event to show guests the potential
difference donations can make. Over $10,000 was raised for the Nor
Jraberd Repopulation Project.
“Everyone was cooperating, everybody was motivated, and everybody put
their hearts into this occasion,” said Arda Kouyoumjian, the event
coordinator. “It was a miraculous afternoon enjoyed by everyone.”
NJRP’s regional director, Mego Malkhassian, agrees that the event was
overwhelmingly successful: “The most heartwarming part of the afternoon
was the fact that the youth from our community indicated their interest
and readiness to participate in our difficult task of reconstruction.
The unity, the modesty, and the motivation has inspired and encouraged
us all to give our best to make this miracle happen.”
AGBU’s Montreal and Toronto chapters, along with other Armenian
communities across Canada, are joining forces through the Nor Jraberd
Repopulation Project (NJRP) to rebuild homes and other facilities in the
Nor Jraberd village. For more information, please visit

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