AGBU High School-Pasadena Grads Excel, 90% Accepted at Major Colleges & Universities


Pasadena, CA – As a college preparatory high school, AGBU High School –
Pasadena strives to encourage and support students in their path to
higher education. The combined efforts of the school and the students
paid off with a 40% acceptance rate to the University of California
system, including a 15% acceptance rate to UCLA. Overall, 90% of the
Class of 2009 have gained acceptance into the University of California
and California State University systems, as well as other reputable
private institutions of higher learning.
These high levels of acceptance are an indication of the rigorous
curriculum, dedicated faculty and hard-working student population of
AGBU High School-Pasadena. Over the past three years, AGBU High
School-Pasadena has worked diligently to raise the standards of its
curriculum, by adding honors sections for all classes and offering over
seven advanced placement courses. The school also offers SAT preparation
courses and free tutoring sessions with faculty members after school. In
addition, the senior year academic program is also enhanced with
enrichment opportunities made available to the students, which enhance
their college application portfolios. The school facilitates the process
of students taking community college courses, volunteering for local
organizations and finding meaningful programs for them to participate.
To complement the rich curriculum at AGBU High School-Pasadena, the
faculty is continually involved in professional development. Almost 100%
of faculty members have a master’s degree and/or teaching credential in
the field they teach. In addition, teachers are encouraged and supported
to attend workshops and are offered professional development
opportunities on campus.
Finally, this success is also the result of the hard work and diligence
on the part of the students, which is truly commendable. The Class of
2009 is committed to their future goals and aspirations by continuously
taking advantage of the academic opportunities available at AGBU High
The smashing success of AGBU High School-Pasadena Class of 2009 is truly
remarkable and portends favorably on future prospects of the school.
With reporting from AGBU High School-Pasadena’s school newspaper.

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